Thursday, 30 January 2014

St. Enoch Centre’s Late Trading Shopping Challenge

Last night I took part in The St. Enoch Centre’s Late Trading Shopping Challenge along with 2 other bloggers Eilidh and Laura. We were asked to choose from 3 scenarios that would require a mad dash to shops to pick an outfit. The scenarios were: last minute after work drinks date, last minute work event after hours and last minute weekend away.

I decided to go for last minute after work drinks date and with valentines day coming up I used that as my inspiration for my outfit choice. Once we had chosen our scenario, we were given a £75 St Enoch Gift Card and an hour to pick the outfit.

Ready to hit the shops.

My first stop was Debenhams. I figured this would be the best place to start as it has concessions Oasis, Warehouse, Topshop and Miss Selfridge (to name a few). I raced around the shop like a mad woman picking up just about everything I could find. The shop assistant must have thought I was a nutter as I was in and out the changing rooms with about 10 items at time. I have to admit, I thought the challenge was going to be a breeze but 40 minutes into it all I had was a skirt!!! As panic set in, I finally managed to make my mind up and purchased my outfit. Then with 10 minutes to spare and £3 left in the budget, I raced to H&M to spend my last £3 on their make-up range.

As the scenario was an after work date, I wanted to choose something that would be suitable for work and only require a quick change of top and a make up touch up. So I picked a smart pencil skirt with a heart pattern (H! by Henry Holland, £18). A bright cami top (Miss Selfridge, £16) to take my outfit from day to night. A large bag (Oasis, £38) to hold all my essentials required for my outfit change and a red lip tint (H&M £2.99) to add colour to my lips and cheeks. This brought my total outfit to £74.99.

The St. Enoch Centre is open late until 7pm Monday to Friday with free parking between 5-7pm until 14th February.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Life Away the Years

I've never been keen on writing a bad review. However, after speaking to fellow bloggers they made some good points. One said "you would be surprised how many people love reading a bad review" while another said "it can save people money".

I thought both were really good points and I also thought (I'm trying to be positive here) it might help the brand improve the product. Ok, so now I have justified myself I will tell you about the product I found disappointing. (Eek, I already feel guilty).

Lift Away The Years Wand from Crystal Clear has claimed to be "The most exciting anti-wrinkle device to enter the beauty market in decades". I was given this product as a PR sample at an event and was so excited to take it home and try it out. Sadly, when I did try it out, I was really disappointed. The battery operated wand uses vibrations to stimulate the facial muscles, while massaging the Intense Anti Ageing Serum into the skin leaving it younger, firmer and more toned. The result claims to be instant but I couldn't notice a difference at all. I found the serum didn't come out the wand onto skin very well and if I put too much serum in the wand, it oozed out the side when I screwed the lid back on. I tried it several times as I was determined to like it but each time I felt it made no difference to appearance of my skin. I also found the wand wasn't very practical to use at night as it was quite noisy (which disturbed my boyfriend's sleep) and time consuming.

After speaking to fellow bloggers who had also tried this product it was very interesting to hear some of them agreed with me. One of them suggested using the serum without the wand as they found that more effective. I tried this but I didn't like the texture of the serum.

However, this is just my opinion and in a recent study with 30 women, consumers reported a 27% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a 45% increase in skin firmness. The product has also received great reviews on their website. Lift Away The Years Wand & 30ml Intense Anti-Ageing Serum costs £59.99.

Have you tried Lift Away The Years?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Popband Hairbands

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive a Popband goody bag which I won in a twitter competition. As it was a brand I had never heard of I thought it would be good opportunity to try them out.

Popbands are cute little hairbands that are kind on your hair and double up as wrist bands. These soft, stretchy bands hold your hair up tight without damaging or leaving kinks in your hair. I absolutely love them! I am forever tying my hair back to get it out my face (especially when getting ready for a night out) and would get really annoyed when I took it out and there was a big dent in my hair. Well, with Popbands this doesn't happen, your hair is left absolutely kink free.

As well as a hairband, Popbands double up as wrist bands. If I am honest, I don't think they look that great round your wrist unless you are under 16 but they can be comfortably worn around your wrist without cutting of your blood circulation like normal hairbands. Ok, slight exaggeration but any time I wore a hairband around my wrist (which is pretty much all the time) it would leave me with a big red mark around my wrist. With a Popband you barely feel it on your wrist and it won't leave any marks.

Popbands come in a range of different colours and designs to suit all personalities. My favorite of course is the leopard print but if your are looking for something a bit more subtle they also come in black.

Popbands prices start at £4. Check out the website for more information.

If you want to try a Popband look out for my giveaway (coming soon) as I am going to include one along with some of my other favorite products.