Sunday, 9 September 2012

How to live a lifestyle you can't afford!

My friends know how savvy I am and how much I love a bargain. They also know I like to go on about 3 holidays a year so this is how I do it.......

Get paid to shop
I am forever telling people about quidco and it's surprising how many people say they can't be bothered signing up. Since the beginning of the year, I have made over £200 just by clicking on links via their page. If you don't already know what quidco is, it’s an online cash back website that pays you for going via their website. Before I buy something I check Quidco first to see if I can get cash back on my purchase. Just the other day, I got £26 cash back for booking a hotel for my trip to Prague. Not only do you get cash back for buying online, you can also earn money by using the app to check into shops and earn cash back in certain shops when you make a purchase (as long as you pay using the card you have registered on quidco). Check it out.

Get a Tastecard
With a Tastecard you can get either 50% off or 241 in 100s of restaurants.  It's fab if you eat out a lot. Tastecard offer free trials all the time so keep your eye out or you can purchase one for around £69.95 a year. I have never had to pay for one as I always manage to wangle myself a free trial. Check out the link below for a free trial.

Get as many freebies as you can

I love a freebie and normally when something sounds too good to be true, it always is. I have been able to get my hands on loads of freebies recently (thanks to 02).  If you are a 02, contract customer, get downloading the 02 Priority Moments app. I've had free lunches, Frappuccinos, Body Shop goodies, Millie’s cookies and popcorn at the cinema. I know it sounds too good to be true, all you have to do is download the app and show them the promotional code.

Department stores and magazines are also a good way to get freebies. Department stores will often give you samples of products so don't be afraid to ask. With magazines look out for Glamour, In Style, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. They often give away luxury beauty products such as Benefit and Clinique. You can also get really good freebies when you subscribe to magazines and save upto 50% on the price of the mag.

Sell your unwanted items on eBay

When I'm struggling to make it to pay day I often raid my wardrobe and sell my unwanted items on eBay. Just this week, I have made £60 by selling a few tops a pair of shoes and some unwanted Glossybox items.  Create an account and do a bit of research before you sell. Watch items you are going to sell so it will give you an idea of what you can expect to get. You will be surprised what some folk are willing to pay.

Give my tips a try and you will have enough cash for a holiday before you know it!!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My guide to vintage shops in Paris

I spent 5 days in Paris last week and in between eating crepes and sightseeing, I took some time to hit the vintage shops.  My friend and I, did some research before we hit the shops so we could visit as many as possible.  We did find there were so many and they were very wide spread so we never managed to get to all of them.  We did manage to go to some in the 18th and 4th District of Paris.

18th District

We found a few vintage shops around the Moulin Rouge area.  If you get off the metro at Pigalle and head up towards Montmarte you will find..........


100 rue des Matyrs, 75018, Paris

This shop was fab.  It had some lovely clothes at very reasonable prices.  You could even pick up a designer gem such as, Lanvin and Hermes. It was well laid out and didn't involve as much rummaging as some of the other shops.

By Flowers

86 rue des Martyrs, 75018, Paris

By Flowers, is another gem in the Montmarte area.  The one thing I loved about this shop was its selection of lace tops/jackets. I managed to pick one up for 10 euros. This is definitely one I would go back to.

Marche Daphine

rue des Rosiers, 93400 Paris

Metro: Clingincourt

If its designer, vintage items you are looking for then head upto Marche Daphine at Clingincourt. Here you find the largest flea market in Paris.  You will have to walk through the market to find Marche Daphine but don't be put off.  Once you get past all the market stalls you will find Marche Daphine where they sell antique jewellery, vintage clothing and accessories such as, Chanel handbags and scarfs.

4th District

You will find loads of vintage shops around the 4th district.  One of the main shopping streets is rue de Rivoli.  You will find a few vintage shops on rue de Rivoli but if you go behind this street, to the smaller streets, you will find the best vintage shops.  We were very lucky to live within walking distance of this area but if you are taking the metro, then get off at Hotel de Ville.

Noir Kennedy

12-22 due de roi de Sicile, 75004, Paris

Noir Kennedy sells a lot of gothic and punk clothing.  I had read in a magazine, this shop is a favourite with one of the girls from Gossip Girl.  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. However, I think Noir Kennedy has 2 shops and we were in the smaller shop of the 2. I will make it my mission the next time I visit Paris to find the main shop.

Hippy Market

I found this shop slightly over priced in comparison to the others.  Don't get me wrong, the clothes were nice and they did have a huge selection, I just felt you were able to pick up more of a bargain in the other shops.  They did have a fab collection of 80s dresses and loads of scarfs!!!

Free 'P' Star

Free 'P' Star has 3 shops all within 5 minutes’ walk of each other.

61 rue de l Verrerie, 75004, Paris

8 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004, Paris

20 rue de Rivoli, 75004, Paris

Free 'P' Star was by far my favourite out of all the vintage shops we visited.  All 3 shops are absolutely crammed with vintage bargains!  You do have to be prepared to have a good rummage but it’s totally worth it.  They have a huge pile of vintage Levi cut offs which they will sell for as little as 3 euros! Don't be afraid to haggle in this shop as they will drop the price.  My best find was a gold lurex skirt for 1 euro!

Hope this helps you all on your next trip to Paris. xx